What it says on the tin. This is a catchall for demos, unfinished games, game jam prototypes, etc.

Screenshot of Rotting Crescendo

Rotting CrescendoRecommended!

Another one from Ambient Mixtape 16. Rotting Crescendo puts you alone on a fishing boat in a rough sea, and lets you puzzle it out. I’ve played this several times, mainly because I love the environment/ambiance, but only this last time realized that it’s “winnable” (although, content warning - it’s not kid-friendly at all). Beautiful design and sound.Read more...

Date posted: Fri May 18, 2018

Screenshot of Woodsy


Made for Ludum Dare, Woodsy puts you alone in the haunted woods, searching for your keys and talking to your creepy neighbors. I don’t want to spoil too much, but this is a cute and novel riff on a few genres (indeed, the jam theme was “2 incompatible genres”) and is worth the ten or so minutes it takes to complete. The game has a lot of personality, and I hope the developers flesh out the concept and/or characters.Read more...

Date posted: Thu May 17, 2018

Screenshot of Places & Sketches

Places & SketchesRecommended!

A collection of beautiful painterly environments to explore. This is actually a whole series - 11 small games in total. I discovered these a few years ago and they are wonderful. Beautiful art, nice sound. Some are downloadable and some run in the browser.Read more...

Date posted: Thu May 17, 2018

Screenshot of Night Walk in Marseilles

Night Walk in MarseillesRecommended!

Night Walk is a Google-sponsored (and probably developed) experience using Google Maps Street View, audio clips, and video/photography to create a digital “guided tour” of Marseilles, France. You click and pan to follow a preset route, discovering hotspots that provide information on local sights, and you can go off-course and follow some side paths. While there isn’t a real game here, it’s a fun website and a cool use of the Google Maps API.Read more...

Date posted: Mon May 7, 2018