Prolific developer who posts games on Glorious Trainwrecks and Itch. His writing is really interesting (see 100 Beetles).

Games by Marek Kapolka

Screenshot of Rehgehstoy


Category: Walking Simulators
This is a really cool concept - in the world of Myst, you are writing a book that describes the features of an island (called an “age” in Myst), and then you can explore it. Nice blending of procedural generation, walking sim, and video game mashup. The source code & Unity project is also available.Read more...

Date posted: Fri May 4, 2018

Screenshot of Forest Egg

Forest EggRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
“Egg-Like” walking sim released on Glorious Trainwrecks. Really nicely done environment constructed with pre-made assets ( the term “Egg-Like” refers to ironically shitty games that use little or no original assets). The walking simulator tag on Glorious Trainwrecks has some interesting looking games as well, but this one stands out for it’s clever use of assets, sound design, and general classy weirdness.Read more...

Date posted: Tue May 1, 2018

Screenshot of 100 Beetles

100 Beetles

Category: Walking Simulators
Interesting process experiment described as “A mashup of 100 Free Assets by Blueberrysoft and Noisy Beetle by clyde.” The writing on the Glorious Trainwrecks page for the game is really interesting, describing the thought and process behind the scenes in the game.Read more...

Date posted: Tue May 1, 2018