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Screenshot of A Good Gardener

A Good Gardener

Categories: DioramasAdventure Games

A gardening game where you are tasked with maintaining a British WWII victory garden. Interesting premise and nice presentation, but the controls are a little floaty and weird. It actually reminds me of the ancient game Lemonade Stand that I used to play on my old Apple IIgs, in that the main loop is waking up each day to different weather, tending to your plants, and repeating.


Date posted: Tue May 8, 2018

Screenshot of 4ever Transit Authority

4ever Transit AuthorityRecommended!

Category: Dioramas
“Seated” walking sim where you traverse a procedurally generated bus system in a procedural city. Relaxing and evocative.Read more...

Date posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018