Another excellent walking sim from Connor Sherlock here, and also part of his first collection of games. Sunken Citadel gives you a torch and sends you deep underground to explore an underground complex that reminds me of Dark Souls’s castle complex in both mood and scale. Navigating the dungeon here is at times claustrophobic and disorienting, and then suddenly sublime and awe-inspiring.

It’s also very dark, and I found myself repeatedly expecting something terrifying to appear around a corner. In this respect and others, it’s a real departure for Mr. Sherlock. There’s a real, palpable sense of fear and dread (intensified by the presence of the torch as well), and the setting is also unusual for this developer, who sets most of his work in sci-fi or at least far-future digs.

Another thing I like about this game is that the “overworld” is also pretty big and full. It took me two playthroughs before I actually made it down into the heart of the dungeon. There’s really a lot to explore in this one.