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Screenshot of Dear Esther

Dear EstherRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
One I haven’t finished. This is sort of the Ur-Walking Sim in that it possibly helped coin the term. Dear Esther was polarizing when it came out, prompting a lot of people to question whether it really is a game or not, an argument that’s been rehashed about probably every game on this list. Very atmospheric, and really high production values (as is the case with all Chinese Room games). Worth a play.Read more...

Date posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018

Screenshot of 4ever Transit Authority

4ever Transit AuthorityRecommended!

Category: Dioramas
“Seated” walking sim where you traverse a procedurally generated bus system in a procedural city. Relaxing and evocative.Read more...

Date posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018