Screenshot of The Zium Museum

The Zium MuseumRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
Awesomeness from The Zium Society artists. A grab bag of digital art and interactive vignettes. Recommended. The 2018 release is [The Zium Garden]().Read more...

Date posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018

Screenshot of The Zium Garden

The Zium GardenRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
The Zium Garden bills itself as “a Museum Exploration Game filled with artwork and installations from artists around the world, working in various mediums and styles.” And it’s filled to the brim with awesome stuff, from psychadelic environments, to installations, models from existing games (including some from on the site), to photography. Even the input instructions are credited to the artist. Very highly recommended. See also The Zium Museum from 2017.Read more...

Date posted: Fri Oct 19, 2018

Screenshot of Places & Sketches

Places & SketchesRecommended!

A collection of beautiful painterly environments to explore. This is actually a whole series - 11 small games in total. I discovered these a few years ago and they are wonderful. Beautiful art, nice sound. Some are downloadable and some run in the browser.Read more...

Date posted: Thu May 17, 2018

Screenshot of Joy Exhibition

Joy Exhibition

Category: Walking Simulators
Sort of “art within art” - the game itself puts you in an art gallery as a guest, and the thing itself is an art game with generated spaces and art. Really cool.Read more...

Date posted: Tue May 1, 2018