Screenshot of Horizon


Sort of an interactive music video - you can move the car back and forth, but mostly you listen to music and enjoy the scenery. Really meant to showcase the music of an artist named JBox…I like this despite myself.Read more...

Date posted: Mon May 21, 2018

Screenshot of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Euro Truck Simulator 2Recommended!

Category: Exploration Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2 is just one of those games that makes no sense to anybody until you play it. You look at it and say, who could ever like this? And then you play it, and it’s sublime. ETS2 (and it’s sister game, American Truck Simulator) is really two games - a trucking business management sim, in which you buy trucks, hire drivers, manage properties, repair and maintain your fleet, etc.Read more...

Date posted: Wed May 16, 2018

Screenshot of 4ever Transit Authority

4ever Transit AuthorityRecommended!

Category: Dioramas
“Seated” walking sim where you traverse a procedurally generated bus system in a procedural city. Relaxing and evocative.Read more...

Date posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018