Screenshot of Hotel Paradise

Hotel ParadiseRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
You wander the seemingly endless corridors of a hotel, looking for your room. The layout is confusing and it seems like you’ll never find the room. Then maybe you do. Weird and recommendable.Read more...

Date posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018

Screenshot of Bonbon


Category: Adventure Games
Excellent, creepy horror game with a memorable antagonist and nice production. Bonbon puts you in the shoes of a child, and surrounds you with the exact kinds of stuff that shares the crap out of kids. Really well done.Read more...

Date posted: Sun Jun 3, 2018

Screenshot of Static Speaks My Name, The

The Static Speaks My NameRecommended!

Category: Adventure Games
The Static Speaks My Name puts you in the shoes of an…interesting individual. This is a short, dark, and funny exploration of one very fucked up situation. Not for the kiddies, but worth a spin.Read more...

Date posted: Sat May 26, 2018

Screenshot of After Midnight

After Midnight

Category: Dioramas
Beautiful low-poly cabin to explore. There’s the suggestion of a plot but mostly you check stuff out and open all the cabinets. Very nicely done graphics.Read more...

Date posted: Mon Apr 23, 2018