Screenshot of Horizon


Sort of an interactive music video - you can move the car back and forth, but mostly you listen to music and enjoy the scenery. Really meant to showcase the music of an artist named JBox…I like this despite myself.Read more...

Date posted: Mon May 21, 2018

Screenshot of Mediterranean Voidland

Mediterranean Voidland

Category: Dioramas
Surrealist Mediterranean village to explore. Nicely done low poly models, and you can play music by interacting with objects in the scene.Read more...

Date posted: Fri May 18, 2018

Screenshot of Rotting Crescendo

Rotting CrescendoRecommended!

Another one from Ambient Mixtape 16. Rotting Crescendo puts you alone on a fishing boat in a rough sea, and lets you puzzle it out. I’ve played this several times, mainly because I love the environment/ambiance, but only this last time realized that it’s “winnable” (although, content warning - it’s not kid-friendly at all). Beautiful design and sound.Read more...

Date posted: Fri May 18, 2018