Screenshot of Hotel Paradise

Hotel ParadiseRecommended!

Category: Walking Simulators
You wander the seemingly endless corridors of a hotel, looking for your room. The layout is confusing and it seems like you’ll never find the room. Then maybe you do. Weird and recommendable.Read more...

Date posted: Wed Jul 11, 2018

Screenshot of Horizon


Sort of an interactive music video - you can move the car back and forth, but mostly you listen to music and enjoy the scenery. Really meant to showcase the music of an artist named JBox…I like this despite myself.Read more...

Date posted: Mon May 21, 2018

Screenshot of Inside the Void

Inside the VoidRecommended!

Category: Exploration Games
Really nicely done sci-fi exploration game with cool graphics and multiple zones. You explore a possibly hostile planet searching for the crew of a lost mission. Creepier than you would think, considering the bright graphics. There’s also a VR version for iOS that looks really cool.Read more...

Date posted: Wed May 16, 2018

Screenshot of Void Traversal

Void Traversal

Category: Walking Simulators
One of Connor Sherlock’s more stylized walking sims. Nice graphics, and you can run fast and jump really high, which makes getting around lots of fun. Part of the Zones comp, which collects currently Patreon-only games.Read more...

Date posted: Mon May 14, 2018